Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tevez 'relaxed over price tag'

Carlos Tevez
ESPNsoccernet understands that Carlos Tevez remains optimistic that one of Europe's top clubs will meet his £50 million asking price this summer.

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Tevez has once more announced that he wants to leave Manchester City, but there are doubts as to whether any club will have both the desire and the capability to meet his transfer valuation and wage demands.

However, there is a belief that Tevez going public with his desire to move on might prompt clubs into action and the forward is said to be relaxed about the issue.

A source told ESPNsoccernet: "Now that it is out there that Carlos Tevez wants to leave, let's see what offers come in and how much they are.

"Everyone is aware of how much Manchester City value their captain and top goal-scorer, and why shouldn't they, when you look at the stats, and see his worth compared to other players?

"At the moment, there is nothing to report, but let's see what transpires in the next few days. There is no next stage - [it is just a case of] letting the dust settle and seeing which clubs are willing to pay the asking price for such a valuable player. Either they will or they won't - who knows?

"But Tevez is a rare commodity, a top goal-scorer who delivers, and they are worth their weight in gold, so let's see if there are clubs willing to pay the price. There is a feeling that there are two or three clubs who might just do that, and we shall all soon find out if they are or not."

By Harry Harris, Football Correspondent

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